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CorsairLink - slow Bootup


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Hi there i am new on this forum.


I just upgraded my pc with a H115i cooler, Hx750i psu and the Obsidian 750D case.


The cooler works great, idle temperatures are just 1 or 2° above ambient temperature.


Tho I noticed that right after I Boot my pc, he is extreamely slow, laggy etc. After 30-40 seconds, my pc works back to normal.


After some searching I have found this is due to the CorsairLink cable. When I remove the cable from my cooler, my pc just works as normal, right after boot.


I wonder if somebody had thesame problems, and if there is a fix...



Also when I used the Y splitter for the fans, 1 fan was turning the normal speed which is in my case about 300 RPM, but the other fan was going full speed 3000RPM (I changed the corsair fans, with Noctua Industrial 3000 PWM fans). I have plugged one fan in the CPU fan header and the other one in the CPU OPT fan header and now they are turning about thesame speed. Any help about that? I use Asus AI suite 3 for my fan management. Do I need to do this in BIOS instead?



Also each time i turn my pc off, I can hear a click sound, that wasn't there when i didnt had the Cooler (at least i think it's comming from the cooler) I wonder if this is normal?



It's the first time I used an Corsair AIO cooler.



Thx In advance.



EDIT: If you want to know other system specs, look at my profile

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