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K95 RGB - Disapointing G keys


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My wonderful wife decided to buy me a new keyboard to replace my original Logitech G15 (Y-UG75) which she bought for me at Christmas like 11 years ago. The keys on the old keyboard were worn out a couple years ago already but I couldn't part with it as I'm completely attached to the G keys on the left side.


When I saw my shiny new K95 I was quite excited. Just plugged it in and started playing with the keys. The mechanical keys will take a little getting use to, but overall they are wonderful.


This is when I was surprised at the sloppy feeling of the G keys... the main reason I got excited for this keyboard. The keys feel like my worn out keys on the logitech..... anything I can do about this. It's a pretty industrial looking keyboard. Can I replace the keys with something similar to the normal keys on the keyboard? or even something else that's maybe a little less tactile?


If so where is a good place to find replacement switches if possible?

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As Goat1 mentioned, It is likely a switch issue if one key does not feel the same as another key.

If you want to confirm that, Remove two keycaps and press each switch and compare the difference.


You will want to contact your retailer for a replacement as this would be the fastest replacement option. Otherwise contact Corsair.


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I exchanged the keyboard, it was a bad switch, I actually suspect that it was a rebox. The new packaging seems much neater.


I am now having issues keeping the keybinds working, issue with cue I suspec. But I'll save that for another thread if I can't get it figured out.


Thanks for your help.

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