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PSU popping sound


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Hi all,


I recently purchased a new Corsair RM650X PSU and while everything seems to be going fine with the PSU itself, I do seem to be having a popping sound from the PSU.


Whenever I turn the computer off for the night, I'll also turn the plug off at the wall. However, with this psu whenever I turn it back on the following day, I get a popping sound comming from the psu. If I then turn the plug back off and wait 5 mins and try again nothing.


Does anybody know if this is a common thing or could it be the sign of a bad PSU? I only got it 2 weeks ago.



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Typically, didn't make the sound again until I came to turn it on today.

I recorded it with my phone (so sorry for bad quality ;p) and uploaded the clip to youtube where you can hear the pop right at the end of the video.



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Bit of a bump, but does anybody have any suggestions?


I contacted Corsair support who suggested I get the product RMA'd, however after releaving the company I purchase my PSU from I am told that they will do nothing because it is not on their list of "authorized retailers".


So now I'm stuck with a PSU that Corsair themselves suggest is replaced.

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