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Kernel Power - Untimely crashs / reboots


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Hello everybody,


I'm writing you because I'm having serious trouble with my computer and it seems that it comes from the power supply. I bought my PC in early 2015 and you can fin my config on my profile.

(We're talking about a CORSAIR CS650M - 650W - 80+ Gold)



Since this summer, I often experiment hard system breaks: Indeed, the PC just shut suddenly down (not BSOD or anything) and restarts immediatly after.

When I analyze system logs, I have the following critical error:


Critical error

Kernel-Power, ID : 41, Category : 63

Description : The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.


The crash often occurs when i'm playing heavy games or when I perform hard tasks. (But more often in games, and in general during the games rather greedy (The Witcher 3, ...) A soft game does affect the PC).


Concerning the diagnosis, these are the elements that I have already tested :

  • Realization of a Memtest86 + test: success.
  • I had been running an OCCT a few months ago and it was a succes.
  • I developed a program in December that was asking a lot my CPU and memory resources : no crashes.
  • Clean discs, scan discs.
  • I've recently changed my SSD for something else but crashes continue.



At this time, my assumptions are:

  • Problem with temperature: the graphics card could probably overheat but I do not know if it can crash my PC, especially since when I checked the temperatures while playing, it does not rise high at all.
  • Problem with GPU as it crashs in greedy games ? (Do you think I should launch a stress test of the graphic card with a tool like Furmark?)
  • Problem of voltage: I have no way to check the voltage consumption of my PC, I didn't find tools that would let me to check this after the crash.
  • Power supply problem that does not provide energy to my computer for 0.1sec and then it crashs ?


So I do not know if you can give me a hand on it, do I have to use warranty here ?


Thank you in advance and good evening!

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yes these sounds similar issue i was facing. It may be gpu but it could be mostly psu.


You need to get a DMM(Digital Multimeter) Once you get that after remove all the power cables from the pc completely you need not remove the psu unless the fan is facing upwards. otherwise remove that as well.


you need a paper clip to jump the green wire and the black wire on the 24pin MB connector to make the psu believe the pc is on. So that it will start working and delivering power to all the cables


Set the meter to say 20v mode and keep monitoring the power out ie v on molex or gpu 8pin or 6pin or even atx 24+4 pin .


You will either +ve or -ve






it will be mostly close to this range or above this range.


Now connect the load say dvd drive or hdd in you pc only one load


See how far the 5v rail goes down. As the hdd and dvd drives uses only 5v rail.


If there is say flutuation below 4.6v or so say 4.4 or below then issue is with the psu.


You can check the same for the gpu if you can connect the gpu load. This will tell the 12v rail loaded output .


it should not go down 11.7 may 11.6v but shouldnot stay that the minimum it can peak down not stable at that . the stable is 11.9v or 12.2v.

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Thank you for your reactivity,

Is there any risks with this kind of handling on a computer ? I've never manipulate this tools and I don't want to hurt any other component by commiting a mistake. Maybe should I find a technician in my area who has tools and skills ?


Have a nice day :)

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There is no risk infact corsair itself have a youtube video to test the psu which you will be doing so in that extended since the psu works but is that work to rated efficiency you will be checking with multimeter digital version. Its 99% accurate so make a +/- 1%





So once you do as per the above video with paper clip you psu will think it is connected.

Remember you removed all the power cables from all the components. None is connected before we are ready to test the psu with one load .


Do you have the DMM or you will be getting one. ?

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