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I recently got an M65 Pro RGB mouse... every once and a while I get a message from CUE (v2.10.71) saying the mouse has malfunctioned.


At that point, I can't access any of the mouse settings, nor do the lights turn on to show static colors. This is getting very annoying, and I would love to have this fixed permanently.


Before you suggest it, yes I have reinstalled CUE, twice now. Also, I will not switch back to the original CUE software due to the fact that CUE 2 has many features that I love, like software dependent profile switching.

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-When the mouse malfunctions, Does the lighting stay "stuck" on the current lighting profile or does it switch back to the stored static profile?


-Have you tried a different USB port? According to MSI, The USB 3.0 ports are controlled by a third party chipset, Try a USB 2.0 port and see if that helps.


-Latest USB chipset drivers, Windows updates, BIOS, etc?

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