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H115i Extreme on LGA775


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I've been searching web & this forum to get the answer for that, but I'm still confused. So is it possible to mount this cooler on a LGA 775 board (gigabyte x48-dq6 to be precise)?


There's this:



But it's not stated, that it supports 755 board, I've read in other post, that v2 of these brackets removed the support.. and also h100 series = h115i, or it's a h115 series?

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The link is for the original H100 and will not fit a H115i, it won't even fit the original H100i.


I happen to have a H110iGT sitting on my desk and have just checked and that does fit on one of my LGA775 boards, so I expect a H110i also will.

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Thanks for your time! So as I understand, there was a separate backplate for 775 that came with your H110iGt? I've read that new bundles does not include it :(


As you have failed to specify where you read this I can't sensibly comment and wonder if you deserve help.


The bracket that fitted is the middle one below which also fits LGA2011 + LGA2011-3.


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