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Remapping not working anymore - K95RGB - Windows 10


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I use the K95RGB (Firmware Version 2.05) with Corsaire Utilitiy (1.16.42) on latest Windows 10 64bit professional


I used to have to buttons remapped for better editing.

But this now seem to have no effect


When remapping a key, that key will have no effect at all.

When reseting these keys, they work normal again


What could be causing this, what could I do to be able again to remap my keys?

Noticed that behaviour after updating to windows 10, was a clean instal.


Thank you so much

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It sounds like you are remapping keys on a separate profile?


If so, make sure the profile is linked to your editing application. If not, You can manually switch the profile via the notifications tray by right clicking the CUE icon.


Do note, 1.16.42 is no longer supported e.g. will not be updated.

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