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Hey guys,


The media keys on my K70 LUX RGB seem to enable wrong.


For example if I go into CUE2 and put static lighting on the stop, rewind or pause key(separately), the fast forward key light up with them. If I try to turn on the fast forward key and ctrl click on the pause key with it for example, just the pause key lights up. If I put a wave on all 4 keys at 0 degrees, the stop key lights up, then the rewind key as it should; but then the fast forward key turns on next and then pause last.


This might be a problem with CUE2? I figured it was more likely my keyboard (Though I could be wrong) so I posted it here.


If anybody has a similar problem or if it's a known problem with CUE(I'm using CUE 2.9.53), please let me know.

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Nah, I think it's been like that since I got it, I just didn't notice it for a while.


I'm assuming by re flash you mean force the firmware to update, so I tried that and it didn't help.


Most likely a problem with the keyboard then? Anything else I can try?

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