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[Issue] H80i v2 - USB Device "Connecting / Disconnecting"


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Greetings, Corsair Forums!




I have recently built myself a new PC. Among the parts is the hardware mentioned in the title: The Corsair H80i v2 CPU Cooler.


You know that sound you hear when you plug in a USB device or unplug one? This sound is repeating itself at random intervals and I've found the reason why. Under the control panel, specifically looking at the devices, I can literally sit here and watch the "Corsair Hydro Series 7289 USB Device" connect and disconnect itself as if it were just being plugged in and unplugged.




I have installed Corsair Link to which I thought there might be a firmware update or something but it was to no avail. This issue is still persisting.



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Have you disabled fan control for the CPU_FAN header in the BIOS so the H80iV2 get's the constant +12 volts that it needs? If not then you should.


Alright; forgive my ignorance. I don't mess around with the BIOS of my system unless I need to (such as boot priorities, updating firmware, etc).


As such I've never had to disable a CPU_FAN header. A bit more detail in instruction would be helpful. What exactly am I looking for here in the MSI BIOS?


I can go to the hardware monitor and I see CPU 1; I have some options here:

PWM, DC, Auto and it's set to Auto right now. Am I looking in the wrong area? (I'm not seeing a "header" option with a "enable" or "disable")

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Hey all - My apologies I realize that this thread is a few months old. I am having the same issue on a newly built system. I followed these instructions as posted, but as I have both fans connected to the h80i itself, these setting make the fans scream all the time. If I remove the two fans from the h80i connection and connect them to case fan connections, will they still kick in when the CPU needs cooling? Does this make sense? I'd just like to stop hearing the h80i connect/reconnect from windows every few seconds and make sure it still does what it is supposed to do.


Many thanks in advance...


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