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I love Corsair as a company!!!

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Really had no other place to put this as my most recent interaction with phone support falls out side of the normal boundaries (but again I am being taken care of). So I have no survey to take.


But I just wanted to expresses that I freaking love Corsair products, and Corsair as a company. Every time I call customer support I get someone on the phone within the first few minutes who is super easy to speak with, and I always feel they are genuinely trying to help me with whatever it is.


I have ordered (and returned, sometimes) my fair share of RAM directly from Corsairs website, and will continue to do so.


That's all..... And this is not a sponsored post, just general, honest enthusiasm to have Corsair around.



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oh absolutely. (and I know)


I have been in tech forums in some form or fashion for about 15 years myself. the reason I made the topic was that most people only ever come to complain, flex their muscles or ask for help. but rarely do the good stories ever make it through. most people just accept whatever happened positively, and just move on. I guess just different motivators.

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