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Are these really Corsair modules?


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I just received 2 sticks that are supposed to be Corsair CM73DD1024R-400 (1GB DDR2 Registered, a total of 2GB). I'm a little suspicious. First, the chips on the modules are different, this chips on one are larger than the chips on the other. The smaller chips have the following printed directly on them: "SAMSUNG 451 K4T5104308-GC05". On the other modules, the larger chips say "4XA11 Z9DMQ" and have this symbol: an "M" with a circle through it. The only thing identifying them as Corsair are these 3 plain white stickers with black print: one says "0000000079 WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED", another "CORSAIR DDR2-400", the third "CM73DD1024R-400/M 0453050-0 1GB 1RX4 PC2 3200R-333-10-C.32", but for the third sticker one says "-400/S" instead.


Are these really Corsair or imitations? How can I be sure? Will greatly appreciate advice.

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