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VOID RGB Wireless - mute all sound from headset?


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Hello Everyone,


I just got my Corsair VOID RGB wireless headset and love it so far. I realize now that when the mic is up, the mic is not muted, that's unfortunate and very disappointing as I also have the Vengeance 2100 and decided to upgrade. The 2100 had the mic-up-mic-muted feature and I loved and used it all the time, why on Earth was it removed? Can this be something added back through a software update (hopefully)?


Off on a tangent there but the real reason though for my post is to ask, is it possible, from the headset, for instance if I walk away from my PC and go downstairs, to mute all sound, not just the mic, from the headset itself? I realize I can do this by manually adjusting the volume to zero from the headset wheel by cranking it down, but I just didn't know if there was a faster way of doing this, like a 1-button click or not.


Thanks in advance for the help!



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