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Premium Mid-tower Case idea


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Ok so I have watched alot of review videos on cases and have come with an idea for a case that will be a fantastic addition to the Corsair series. The best thing about it is it uses ideas already shown in Corsair cases and also mixed with suggestions made by independent reviewers.


The main base of this case is the Corsair 450D for many reasons.


  • It's Water Cooling ability is second to none for a mid-sized case.
  • It has fantastic and easy to remove dust filters on the front, top and bottom.
  • Good cable management.
  • The open front intake grill looks amazing and allows LED intake fans for great gamer bling.


Here is a list of changes I'd like to see happen to the 450D to bring it up in quality.

  1. Finer mesh for the front intake dust filter.
  2. ML140 140mm intake fans
  3. ML120 120mm exhaust fan
  4. Hinged stealth cover for optical drives
  5. Instead of the side-panel window, it should be a hinged panel as used on the 400C. As a premium case, this should be tempered glass, not acrylic.
  6. Include 2x USB 2.0 in the front IO as the 450D only has 2x USB 3.0's.
  7. Offset the top fan and radiator holes to allow more clearance from the motherboard. Also make the overall height of the case 1 inch higher to further improve top clearance allowing for alot more top radiator options.
  8. Adopt the 400C drive cage and modular PSU and cage shroud. Doing this will allow you to mount a front radiator without having to remove the drive cage and also not limit the length of the bottom PCI slots.
  9. Add more cable management loops as the 450D only has 4.
  10. Add a power supply bracket extender at the back to allow more options for bottom radiator mounting. Removing the cage and cage-part of the shroud should allow at least a 240mm radiator, 280mm if possible using the PSU extender bracket.


Attached is a rough picture of what it will look like. The 450D with the 400C side panel and shroud.


What do you guys think?


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