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Corsair M65pro double click


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My mouse developed a double click problem in only 2-3 months of use.


I often double click when I just want to do a simple click.


I've read that the contact are problematic.


Returning it is quite costly, shipping will be a large par of the mouse price.


Any way to solve this cleaning the contact or something or RMA is the only way to go ?


There seems to be lots of problem with this mouse, after a replacement will it start doing the same again ?

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I tried another computer with fresh driver install.


The single click register as two quick click.


Searching for m65 pro click problem returned match of others with same exact problem either on left or right click.


Will check with rma but I kind of know the answer I will get.


Normally when this happen on cheap device I trow them in the garbage and never buy from that manufacturer again. It would be easy to do so but I really like that mouse design and comfort.

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