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HX750 Fan Control


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Have a HX750 from 2013. I'm using my PC mainly for gaming. Usually I play hardware demanding games. Recently I started playing World of Warcraft, which is not very demanding.

Problem is that I've started to hear a buzzing sound. Narrowed it down to the PSU.

-when in desktop no buzzing

-in wow buzzing

-stress test gpu, no buzzing

-stress test cpu, no buzzing

I guess Wow uses very little of the gpu, so the psu fan stays at 33% or something like that, and it makes a buzz, that i can't stand.

Is there any way to control the fan speed ?

I have a Fractal Design R4 case, which makes things very silent, but I still hear the buzzing, and it's getting more annoying by the second.

Thanks for the help

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Thank you for your reply

It does not have corsair link.

My best guess is the psu.

Furmark stress testing does not do the same, there is no noise when stress testing, nor when playing hardware demanding game.

I'm guessing, the more power the Gpu demands, more stress is put on the psu.

While playing World of Warcraft, the GPU doesn't demand that much power.

Let's say Furmark is 100% on the GPU, so the PSU is at 100% also.

Wow is 50% on GPU, so PSU is 50% also. That's when the sound comes.

I don't know if it's from the fan or something else inside the PSU.

Question is if I can control the fan, so I can rule that out too.

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