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Cooling my 450D


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Greetings all,


Attached is a diagram of the fan and radiator configuration that I am planning for my new build in the Corsair 450D. Yes I will be removing the hard drive cage for this.


Considering the intake is push-pull and the exhaust is only push, will running all of the fans on the same RPM cause positive pressure in my case or will I still need to run the intake on a higher RPM?


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Why 2 x H110i coolers?


Actually upon further research, I will be replacing the front AIO with an EK Predator 280. I will be modding it by taking off the CPU water block cutting the tube and attaching the male part of the QCD on the pipe. This will allow me to purchase an EK GPU waterblock, which comes prefilled and with QCD attachments which will perfectly attach to my customized AIO.

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