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k95 rgb total led failure


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first of all sorry my english as im not native to the language.

So on july 29th I bought a k95 rgb mx brown keyboard and an m65 rgb from amazon us since in argentina, where i live there's not a huge variety of pc components and peripherals. Because we have a lot of customs regulations and shipping it through amazon would have been literally an eternity i had it shipped to a family member who brought it here.

this was my first experience with mech keyboards and corsair products in general.

The keyboard worked flawlessly for around 9 months , when suddenly some keys would only display some colours. about a week passed and more keys started to have this issue so i submitted an rma ticket on april. the corsair staff where very helpful and helped me in the process, altough i had to pay the full international shipping fees.

not so long after corsair sent me the new keyboard for which i had to pay over half of its price and wait until september until it was finally delivered.

that keyboard i assume is a newer model as it has the new logo with the sails instead of the old gaming logo.

it worked without any issues until yesterday when i experienced the same faulty led issue + it stopped working so i had to replug it , it worked for some minutes until windows started playing the unplugging & plugging sound repeated so i turned off my computer to try it again today.

since i turned on my pc it has been having the same issues except that it also misses some keypresses , sometimes after i press a key it acts as it was long pressed ie, hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllo, the full backlight randomly stops working or freezes and in the global setting in cue there is a warning sign in the k95 part which says "malfunction" when i mause over it.

i have already tried uninstalling cue and downloading a newer version , updating the keyboards firmware ,using it without cue and plugging it in another pc and i still have all this issues.

what can i do now?

the warranty is probably voided now and even if it wasnt having it rmaed and getting another board would be a really big hassle in both time and money and i wont risk my money in getting a new board that could breaka again and have the cycle repeated.

my m65 rgb hasnt had any issue until now.

i had previously reccomended to friends and online corsair products and was planning on my new pc to have mostly corsair parts, but from this experiences im not really going to buy any of their products again.

again, sorry for my typos and the long post, as im not really great at english + im writting this in the broken keyboard.

i welcome all the help i can get

thank you



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Corsair provides a two year warranty for their keyboards.


Put in a new support ticket and mention the previous RMA with the RMA number. They usually provide a prepaid shipping label on units that need to be replaced the second time.


You can also ask to try a "hard reset" to see if anything changes as well in your new support ticket.

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