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How to connect the cables to a Corsair RM 1000 gold?


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Hi everyone:


My name is Sebastian and I am 15 years old.

I am building my own Gaming PC (for the first time).

I have have no idea how to connect all the cables that came with my Corsair RM1000 80+ power supply, there are so many : CPU, PCI-e, Type3, and more.


Could anyone please help me to explain on how to connect which cable into which slot of the power supply and for what reason? I have not been able to find this on internet.


I should be grateful for your replies.



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Ok here you go.


The cables have two end. One end will have slim clip and other end have bigger clip.


Usually the naming convention will fit in psu other end will fit in the board.


You cant insert the board end to psu at any cost.


Also ensure the first line of psu will have uplift clip for inserting.


2nd line will have downside the clip.


So it will be ease to understand the cabling.


Once you insert the cables it will click and you should be able to hear the sound loud and clear.


If you still finding difficulties. Let us know.


Type 3 are old cables and type 4 are new cables. Type 4 will be for CPU 4+4 and ATX power 24+4 pin connector.


Rest will be type 3 .




just for reference on types of cables . it detailed for modelwise

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