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Corsair please put MX Speed on the K95 RGB


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i'm not buying the K95 platinum for the following reasons:


12 less macro keys

too expensive

don't need the extra features such as USB passthrough or onboard profiles



seriously if you don't plan to discontinue the K95 RGB it's not going to cost any more time or price to give it the MX Speed model aswell.


now if you do plan to redo the K95 RGB down the road (like next year) and give it USB passthrough (possibly other features from platinum), keeping the 18 macro keys and adding in MX speed switches than i would be willing to spend $200 for that if i really have to but i don't see why you don't just swap out the switches and not add any new features and keep the price the same so that it attracts more buyers.


for me MX speed and the extra macro keys is the real deal breaker since the extra cost in price isn't that big of a deal for me.

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