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Vengeance 2000 Frozen


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Hi. I was using my headphones earlier, when I held the power button (I don't know if they were previously on or off) and they froze in a way. The stopped working, but the power light and the charging light were on. They were charging when I held the button but the light stayed on after I unplugged them. I have tried holding the power button, pressing the application power button, and checking the Knowledge Base, and I haven't found anything. The only thing that has happened is that I took them to a different room, the power light seemed to flicker, but I doubt that means much. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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If it happens again, try this:


1.- Plug your headset to pc

2.- Unplug your wireless device (little black thing looks like a usb)

3.- Rapidly plug and unplug your headsets charge cable from pc (not from the headset, unplug/plug from pc usb port, but carefully, you don't want to break the usb port)

4.- Do that 5-6 times, if doesnt work try another usb port

5.- After doing it 5-6 times ur headphones will reset.


If you have any question, there is some videos in Youtube about it.

It worked for me.

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