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Strafe Red Led freezing during POST


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Hi everyone, I'm an first time owner of a mechanical keyboard, what is happening and it seems it's ''normal'' at the moment because I saw other 2 people here with almost same specs as me (i7 4790k, Asus Maximus Hero VII), sometimes (not everytime) when I boot or reboot my PC, right in the screen where asks you to press DEL to enter BIOS and all that stuff, nothing happens and also my keyboard doesn't work at all, it seems like its freezed, I have to remove from USB port and then boot without keyboard, and then plug it again, so it goes back to normal, what I found as a workaround is to disable Legacy Support and also change from Smart Auto to Auto in the same section from the BIOS, USB section. It seems good now, but I just wanted to know if it's a known issue or if my keyboard is being faulty or possible defective.



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