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HELP! Scimitar Pro RGB onboard profile can't be saved


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Hello everyone,


I just met a serious problem:


When open CUE2,

CUE2 shows:

"There is an error detected with your device's onboard profiles. One or more profiles have been corrupted or undetectable. The profiles affected will be deleted from your onboard storage and will need to be resaved again."


Then, if I try to save a onboard profile, CUE2 let me choose 1 of 3 slots, and there a HW1 profile is already in the first slot (left one), and other 2 slot are empty, sometime the third slot (right one) show a name of "-gl_Fragco..." which I can't recognize.


And if I choose whicever slot, the progress bar can't go to 100%, CUE2 would show:

Device is nolonger detectted or there was an issue with saving to the onboard storage.

Please reconnect your device and try again."


I have tried to "Clear onboard storage" buttom in Global Settings tab, but it still doesn't work. After clear onboard storage, the 3 slots would be showed empty, but when CUE2 exits and opens again, the first slot still shows a profile is inside, and all slots can't be saved again.


So, Is there anyone can solve this problem?



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