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2 month old Corsair VOID wireless headset suddenly quit working/charging


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My headset suddenly quit working today, after a day of having sudden and strange audio cut out issues. I was really confused so i installed CUE and updated my drivers, and now the device will not work at ALL.


The headset says it is fully charged when i turn it off and leave it plugged in to charge (it is wireless but has a charging cord) but as soon as i turn the device ON the light begins flashing red like its out of power, and no noise can be heard when using the device.


It was working fine literally 24 hours ago, so im extremely lost as to whats going on. Ive tried updating the drivers already as i mentioned, and CUE gives me this message when i am using it, despite the device being plugged in:


"not connected" despite being clearly connected and detected http://prntscr.com/eahdz3


other error upon update?




Please help, im so so confused and have never even dropped or mistreated this nearly brand new headset :/ no idea what is going on or what went wrong.

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If the side lights are blinking red, It's possible it could be the default CUE effect running.

Make sure the headset is set as the default audio device in Windows and see whether that resolves your problem.


If the "bottom" InfoMic LED is flashing red, That would indicate that there is no connection with the dongle. A solid LED on the dongle will indicate it is connected to the headset while a flashing LED on the dongle will indicate no connection.

If you are experiencing as described below, Repair the headset to the dongle. See;


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