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I'm a new owner of a K95 Platinum after coming over from a Razer Blackwidow Chroma X.


Have to say that I'm impressed with the hardware, it's better built, I much prefer the keyboard font, the Cherry key switches are a joy to type on and overall, aesthetically at least, it's a much better keyboard.


On the software side though, I'm left disappointed when comparing CUE to synapse. I'm a big Overwatch player as well as Diablo 3 etc. and I love the RGB integration these games have. Why do Corsair peripherals not have this also? Is it a fault of Corsair or do the game devs just not support them? If not why not?


Also, I'm a true geek at heart and love to look at my stats every now and then. Razer Synapse offers stat tracking with all their peripherals along with heat maps, graphs etc etc. Again, why is this not available in CUE?


I would love to buy a Corsair mouse and the Polaris to sync everything up but until the software side of things improve I will stick with Synapse. Hopefully this will be soon?

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