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Will a stepped UPS kill a Corsair PSU with APFC?


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I have been using Corsair PSU's and APC UPS's forever. I have a couple of Back-UPS ES 750's that I have been replacing the batteries in for years. They're starting to get a little finicky, so I decided it was time to replace them. I decided on the APC BR1500G, and in the reviews i was led to stories of PSU damage being caused by using an APFC sine wave power supply with a stepped UPS (which all the APC UPS's seem to be). I could not find anything stating the incompatibility on either manufacturers websites. I am shocked that I have been doing this for so long, and never knew about this, however, I can only find information about this in customer testimonials. I found a post by Jonny Guru in these forums stating use of an 860i and an APC UPS without issue, and that should be good enough for me, however, I need to hear this from Corsair.


Corsair, is this a real problem? If so, why don't you have any information about this in the product data? Could I have missed it all these years?

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