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Help towards cancelling Express RMA.


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Hey guys!


Alright so basically I issued an express RMA request for my CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 because they were faulty but I realized after doing so that since I used amazon to buy them, it's faster to return them through amazon.


The issue being that even after I closed the request, since it's express RMA there is still an on-going payment for Corsair even though I don't wish to get ANOTHER set of 16gb.


I couldn't find the Express RMA email to join you guys or anything, hence my forum post.




The request number is 6888818

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When you created the express RMA, there was a disclaimer that you confirmed:

The product you select will be the product you receive. Any error will be on the customer’s part and not Corsair. Please review carefully before submitting. If you wish to cancel the express RMA, please call in or write this in the ticket comment. Closing the ticket will NOT cancel the express RMA.


Please call 888-222-4346 or add a comment to your ticket to cancel the express RMA.

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