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Need a manual for K95 RGB Platinum


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I have a K95 RGB Plat and a MM800 RGB. I really like the look and feel but using CUE is driving me nuts. I would like to get more of these for our other workstations but setting them up using custom colors or setting up simple macro's such a Win key plus number 1 to open a program icon that is #1 on the task bar is just not working.

I have the How to CUE unofficial guide and that helps a little but the CUE utility is far from intuitive and VERY frustrating.

This is not a cheap keyboard so why not include a manual with some simple step by step how to do's? Or even offer a manual for sale.

I saw this set up at the Corsair room at CES and I even mentioned this keyboard in one of my articles. I am far from dumb. I build most of our rigs and I started by building Ham Radio rigs back in the 60's Etc. but I am missing something with this overly complex CUE utility.

I do not believe that the CUE utility is ready for prime time.

I'll pay ya $50 for a step by step manual written in ENGLISH.

(sorry but you can hear my frustration I am sure):evil::rolleyes::shootme:

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Unforgivable on a flagship product with notorious software to not include a manual.


Cost cutting gone mad. The fact there is an unofficial guide to CUE2 should shame Corsair to be perfectly honest. Near on £200 for a keyboard that your left to fend for yourself to get the best out of is stingy to say the least.



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Official CUE 1 manual.

Unofficial CUE 2 manual.


CUE 1 and CUE 2 are available in Corsair downloads web site

CORSAIR Gaming and Vengeance K65/K70/K95 RGB, K65/K70 LUX RGB, K65/K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE, K70 RAPIDFIRE, K70 LUX, STRAFE, and STRAFE RGB

CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) Software


| 03/28/2016


Please post followups in the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) forum.

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It is frustrating at times and on my first installation of CUE2, I ran full speed back to CUE1, several wasted hours later. It is not intuitive. However, there are a couple quick general rules that will get you through some of the early hurdles.


There is a hierarchy. The higher up on the color list, the more priority it will have and may override lower, overlapping effects. The same thing goes for profiles. You need to drag the profile you want as the default to the top, left corner (slot 1). You may need to exit CUE and then relaunch it to save the re-positioning, although I believe this was on the fixed list recently. Just clicking a profile in CUE will make it visible so you can see the effect, but only the first slot profile or one specifically tied to an active window program will be persistent. I think they are still working on profile switching on the fly.


The Control key is your friend. That should be emblazoned onto the CUE main window instead of the flashy, useless product pictures. You need to hold down CTRL to select or deselect individual sections of lighting. If you download a few of the profiles created by the users, you can see how they have created some of the effects. It is probably easier to learn through deconstruction than it would be to explain the innumerable ways it can be configured.

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It seems Corsair is doing it the wrong way. They create Cue software make lots of changes then they do the manual. I don't think they have the foggiest idea were the heading to.


Other Corsair software is the same. No Manual.


My 2 cents worth. If I new what I know now I would have never considered Corsair from the beginning.


There are other motherboard manufactures that sit with the same dilemma how to make Bling-Bling work.

Don't know if there is consensus between them self who wrecks who software.


MSI App wants to take my keyboard over with default lightning effects (Standard) which works. Don't know about ASUS or others.

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Do you like manuals? Go check out Logitech, they're great at making manuals. 130 pages WOW!!! Think you're going to use Ctrl-find to, well, find what you're looking for. Think again. Here are the matches for the following words, (macro - 156) (profile 618) (keys-42). It's only going to take 10-20 mins to scan through it and find what I need!



Don't go with Razer. Their manual is just like mine. Just shorter and less in-depth.



People are lazy and aren't willing to spend the time to figure it out. I've never had to read a manual for a piece of software. I try my best for a bit. And if I can't figure it out? I find the right forum and I ask someone....


There's not a single question about CUE here just complaints there's no manual, for a piece of software to control lighting and macros... yea there's no manual. Here's mine http://bit.do/CUE2M it's at least as good as Razers...


So OP what part can't you figure out? Because if you didn't get any of CUE, RGB keyboards might not be right for you. And I know you aren't that dumb. For the love of god just ask.....

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