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H2100 Volume slider does absolutely nothing


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I can control the volume via windows volume control and via the Corsair headset software but the volume wheel on the headset.....well let's just say I can roll that thing until I'm bleeding all over the place to no avail. :(:


I've deleted the software, restarted, reinstalled a new download of the software, then rebooted again and nothing. I also turned on what the sticky says to auto which it was already started and running anyway but for the extra measure I turned it to auto and still nothing. Running Windows 10 Pro X64.




I just tried the headset on my game rig with MVIII Formula and the volume slider works as it should. So it has something to do with my daily/media server and the MSI B150M Mortar Arctic board and Windows 10 PRO X64 on it. Both computers are running the same OS and fully up to date.

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