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Is Advanced Mouse lighting back yet?


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I've been away from these forums for a long time now. Basically, I have kept my version of CUE to 1.7.106 so that my Sabre RGB mouse can use Advanced Lighting profiles (it was removed after that version - see http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=155848 for reference).


Has this functionality found its way back into CUE yet? I feel like I might be missing out on some other great features in the newest version, but the Advanced Lighting profiles for my mouse are too important for me to upgrade if it hasn't.

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I have just purchased a K70 RGB Rapidfire and a Sabre RGB Mouse. I have downloaded some profiles for my keyboard which I really like, however I have no idea how to programme the advanced profiles for the mouse and unfortunately I can only use advanced profiles as the keyboard profiles I have downloaded only work on advanced settings.




Thanks in advance!!

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