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Any plans for SP140 RGB and HD140 RGB fans?


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I'm sure this topic has been on these forums once or twice, but I would really like to know as I would much prefer these fans over the nzxt or similar fans.


Will you make a 140 version of your wonderful new fans?


A response from a corsair rep would greatly be appreciated!


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I have a 280mm Corsair CPU cooler. Corsair HD only comes in 120mm and Thermaltake only comes in 120mm in their Riing Premium Plus line. At least Thermaltake tweeted me back saying "please stay tuned" when I asked them if 140mm are coming soon. I replied "i'll take that as a yes" and they said "We can not confirm or deny that statement. :D"


So at least it sounds like Thermaltake is gonna make 140mm Riing Plus fans...wondering why Corsair and TT didn't just make both sizes at the same time.

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