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M65 Pro tracking issue


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I just recently received a M65 pro as a present. Hooked it up to the PC and installed the new CUE


The problem im having when going horizontal or vertical the mouse doesnt track in a straight line. It sort of tracks in a wavy motion. I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling that didnt work. Also did the same with CUE


I hooked my m95 vengeance mouse back up to make sure it was the mouse and that tracks perfectly straight


Do I have a defective mouse? Should i RMA it?

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Ok after doing minimal research i came across mouse correction/angle snapping.


Im assuming the M95 has built in mouse correction that helps the mouse in a straight line. The M65 does not? I see the angle snapping option in the CUE. When i click that it helps keep the mouse straighter when going vertical or horizontal.


So now my question is I play mostly CSGO...Do i want angle snapping on or off?


Im assuming ive been playing the whole time with it on

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You do not want to enable angle snapping when playing CSGO.


Why? When making small movements, the mouse won't always make a perfect representation of your hand's movement.


Thanks for the response


Question, do you know if the M95 has built in angle snapping? Because that tracks perfectly in a straight line. I read a lot of mouses come with it built in

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