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Express RMA gone bad


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long story short, my H100i died, as it's under warranty got it RMA'ed and asked for a Express RMA as I'm using it on my Obsidian 250D build which is currently running on OEM Intel air cooling and getting way to hot.

That was over a week ago and after requesting the Express RMA and given my Credit Card details I received an email confirmation saying that it would be delivered in 1-2 business days.

Note that I'm in Australia and the unit will be shipped from China. And it will be a H100i V2 as the H100i is no longer in production (I know I'll have a hard time getting ti to fit on my 250D...).

So a week goes by and I still haven't received a shipping confirmation. Called Corsair yesterday, they'll chase it up with China warehouse and contact me.


Called this morning only to be told that the Chinese warehouse has over a 1000 units in stock (I only need one!) but that it wasn't delivered because of Chinese New Year AND it won't be shipped until early next week!

By the time I receive it here in Australia it would have been over 3 weeks. so much for Express RMA!

I respect the Chinese New Year Public Holiday, but the technical support representative staff should be aware of this and if a customer asks for a Express RMA then ship it from another warehouse (EU or USA) as there's nothing "Express" about having to wait for 2 weeks to get something shipped.

I was promised my Credit Card charge would be extended by a week, t'd better be true.

Sorry for the vent but I needed to tell someone...

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