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K95 rgb, the unsolvable detection issue!


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Hey guys, So just randomly out of the blue (although I think it was after the 2.8 CUE update) My K95 RGB Stop responding and won't type or be detected my computer after working without error before. I'm using USB 3.0 and my pooling is set to the standard 100, I've tried;

  • Changing the pool, restarting and relaunching CUE everytime.
  • Uninstallng CUE and the keyboard drivers using old CUE updates and the lastest.
  • Changing USB ports.
  • Ripping my hair out of my head.


Any suggestions and how to approach this would be AWESOME!

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My keyboard is not working. How can i reset it?

If your keyboard is malfunctioning (can't type, not detected, no lights), you may be able to resolve it by unplugging and re-plugging the USB cables*. However, if you have our keyboard with a polling rate selector switch near the USB cable, you can perform a "soft" reset by sliding the switch to BIOS then back to 1, 2, 4, or 8.


*If you are using our RGB K70 or K95:

Connecting via USB 3.0: Use one connector (the one with the keyboard icon) when connecting via USB 3.0

Connecting via USB 2.0: Use both connectors when using USB 2.0. Important Note: Plug in the connector with the two arrows icon first, and the connector with the keyboard icon second.

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When connecting a K65/K70/K95 RGB keyboard you may notice there are two plugs, a common mistake to make is to plug both of them into a USB3.0 port. The result of this actually provides the keyboard with more power than intended and results in strange behavior. Effects may range from key "Chatter" (Multiple key inputs per stroke) or unintended color effects.


The proper way to connect the K65/K70/K95 RGB models is to use either a single USB3.0(keyboard icon) plug to a USB3.0(blue) port or both keyboard plugs if using USB2.0 (black)


See pictures below:



*Addendum* - This does not apply our Strafe keyboards nor our standard K60/K65/K70/K90/K95 non-RGB keyboards (can use either USB2.0 or USB3.0)

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If you are having issues with your RGB device (keyboard, mouse, headset), you may be able to resolve the issue by manually re-flashing the firmware. Please note that this requires CUE software version 1.11.86 or newer.


  1. Open our Corsair Utility Engine
  2. Navigate to Settings - Device
  3. Locate the device that needs to be manually re-flash
  4. Click "Update firmware"
  5. Select "Force update from server" and click "Update". Follow any prompts that come up.


Please note that the firmware update may take a few seconds to complete depending on your system and a few seconds to be re-detected by your system.

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If the keyboard is exhibiting the following issues:

  • Computer does not recognize the keyboard
  • Keyboard shows lighting (demo mode or similar) but does not allow inputs
  • Keyboard is not showing lights or allowing input, but keyboard is recognized by computer in Device Manager

You can try performing a simple soft reset of the keyboard. Unplug the keyboard, hold down the ESC key, then plug in the keyboard while holding the ESC for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, you can release the ESC key and allow the keyboard to finish the soft reset, it may take a few more seconds for Windows to recognize the keyboard after.

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I found the various suggestions I posted (each hyperlinked to the original article) in the Corsair Support Knowledgebase. It is a useful resource for when things go wrong, and I recommend searching there prior to creating a support ticket.


Of course, there's many knowledgeable people here in the forums, so posting requests for help here usually will get a prompt answer, also.

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