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Returning all corsair peripherals


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My wife for christmas got me a k95 and a scimitar to go with my corsair void after using them for almost two months i'm severely disappointed with their CUE setup.


I've had nothing but issues with software bugging out and making it so my mouse/key/headphones all quit working.

I have to unplug everything then replug them in and sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't and them i'm forced to uninstall and remove all profiles associated to corsair and then reinstall and its good till the next reboot and the issue starts all over again. And i cannot run them without the cue as I need to program the numpad keys on the mouse and without cue my mouse is nothing but a paperweight and my macros on the KB quit working to.

After reading on corsair forums it seems to be a constant problem so all this stuff is going back to amazon and looks like i'll be ordering some logitech instead to replace them.


And I have to say i'm sad, i love all my corsair equipment and this is the first time i've ever had an issue with them, but its such a bad issue its not worth the headache to keep them anymore, maybe in the future if they get there software up and running i'll switch back but for now its time to say bye bye.

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Seeing a majority of threads that all related to issues with products/software is normal for all manufacturer forums.


As it was not mentioned, You can call, submit a ticket to Corsair for technical support or create a thread on the forums if you do encounter any issues with your Corsair products in the future if you do reconsider switching.


Ticket Support system



To call, Use Skype by dialling Corsair's toll-free number.

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