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K95 RGB discontinued 18 macro keys?


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So I know my keyboard is not even a year old yet. I currently own the K95 RGB with the 18 macro keys. I went with Corsair because they use cherry MX switches and it looks a lot better then their competitors (Logitech)


After looking at the website today I see that a new K95 is out called the Platinum. Sadly it has 6 macro keys. Which as an MMORPG player of 20+ years makes me sad. Yes Corsair I use all of my 18 macro keys on my keyboard and 3 on my Scimitar.


I am writing this to persuade you to NOT discontinue the 18 macro keyboards you have been selling. If this for some reason breaks anytime soon, I would like to continue supporting you and would buy a new keyboard from you if it offered 18 macro keys.


I do not nor will I ever utilize a mouse with 12-18 buttons on its side over a keyboard with 18 macro keys. Please keep us MMORPG players in mind. I would buy a Platinum right now if it had 18 keys, just saying. The lighting features are awesome.

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