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Hello guys, I am new with Corsair Link and Corsair Commander mini.

I would like to know if it's a software limitation that make can't turn off the fans completely, I can only set 500rpm as minimum value.


It's a real delusion for me because I bought the Corsair Commander mini only because I was thinking was capable of turn off the fans...


Because I am unable to find other threads related to this, do you know if it's already in plan for future software versions, or it's an hardware limitation?



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7. http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=837226 - CLCC support for 0% PWM or 0 RPM to stop the fans.


I am at a loss as to how you failed to find the other threads about this issue.


Last edited by Technobeard; 02-12-2017 at 01:11 AM. Reason: please post system specs in profile - not in posts


As to why Technobeard did not answer I am at a loss. I would have expected a Corsair employee to do this, but Corsair in general show a lack of professional diligence.

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I am at a loss as to how you failed to find the other threads about this issue. This is not possible at this time.
Fixed it for you ;):


As to why Technobeard did not answer I am at a loss.
Because I'm not in tech support and don't have an answer to his question.
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Fixed it for you ;):


Because I'm not in tech support and don't have an answer to his question.


Thank you fixing the system specs :biggrin:. One of my pet hates is "Reason: please post system specs in profile - not in posts" or don't specify them at all. I feel posting should not be allowed 'till you have done this or at least you should get constant nagging messages :idea:.


That makes a pleasant change. One day you may fix other items I notify you about such as all the obsolete sticky threads


Given the answer is in my post #890711 which I quoted I find this rather surprising you did not know that this was not possible, especially so as it's also in similar posts I made for the last few CL4 releases. Does this mean you ask for feedback and then don't bother to read it?


I guess you are just the guy dealing with the forum and the real issue is the Corsair Manager Product Management - DIY Components failing to make CL4 into the reliable software that the owners of Corsair Link hardware deserve.


  1. It needs updating for the CL Mini and other recent hardware.
  2. There needs to be a section about interoperability with other programs such as AI Suite, AIDA64, CAM, HWiNFO, SpeedFan, etc.. This has been a known issue for at least 6 months http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=790282.
  3. Why is there no/what is the URL of the CL4 guide (Corsair-Link-Manual_v4)? Given there is a CL2 guide (Corsair-Link-Manual_v2) there should be one.

I have done this for all the CL4 releases and Corsair have not responded to most of these posts. Why is this and why should I bother to report issues?
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Do I post the updates? Yes. Do I have anything to do with Link? No. Do others read the Link discussion threads? Yes.


Thank you for the clarification. I suspected this was the situation.


Please can you enlighten me as to why "others" have never provided me with any feedback and in particular why the locking issue has not been fixed?


You are wise to question if anything has been fixed as at least one trivial but important fix has either not been done or incorrectly done.


The interlocking semantics are still incorrect. I expect the fix is to interpose the OpenFile() and AcquireLock() calls to adhere to the specification at the top of page 4 of the Corsair Link Lock Library documentation that is AcquireLock() should be done before the OpenFile().

The interlocking semantics are still incorrect and given I reported this on 09-Aug-2016 why? I also e-mailed the product manager who did not even reply to my e-mail. I suspect it's a one line change and can be tested using SIV 5.12 or later which typically reports the issue in < 2 seconds.
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Can't say I know their policies on responding to feedback, sorry.


Thank you, but I find this rather surprising as I expected Corsair would have a corporate policy about responding to posts and providing feedback.


Either way please can you try and find out and let me know why there is never any feedback on when issues with CL4 will be addressed.


There used to be http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=137480, but this thread was closed and quietly forgotten about. I and I suspect many others feel there should be a similar thread for CL4.

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Wow - that thread




started in February of 2015 and Corsair employee COOL GUY hit the nail on the head when he said "Corsair should take responsibility for the software on all of their products. I am here to do that for Corsair Link." I wonder what ever happened to COOL GUY and his stated mission? COOL GUY seems to have vanished after his last post on July 21, 2015.


And this one from 01-15-2015 from Corsair Justin (who has also vanished ~06-2016)


"The long and short is that we are keenly aware of the problems with Corsair Link at present. It is undergoing active development and validation, and there is a new version due. We have some fairly ambitious, honestly more well-thought-out plans for Corsair Link since it's a key differentiator for us. Right now we're trying to transition it to a more stable software base."




And what ever happened to maintaining a Change Log like the one here?




And the lack of response / silence on this thread is deafening.... :bigeyes:

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