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Programming of keyboards


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I am thinking of buying a Strafe keyboard with MX Blue keys to replace my trusty old IBM Model M which after 20 years is no longer as trusty as it was.:sigh!: The reason for this purchase is mainly due to "Endless Programmability" advertised on the Corsair website. I have not been able to find anything about how you do this, no manual or anything. Can you program text strings to a particular key, such as email addresses and other commonly used expressions? If you can, is there a limit to how much to each key?

Does anyone know of any other keyboards that can be programmed, really I would like to be able to store all of the programs in the keyboard itself so that it can moved around without having the software on all of the PC's.





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CUE has a feature called Demo mode. Install CUE and you'll be presented with "virtual" devices that will allow you to experience the software with no limitation (Excluding features that require the actual product e.g. running an action) before purchasing a CUE compatible peripheral.


An unofficial CUE 2 manual can be found below;


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