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Request: Strafe RGB Spacebar


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A few weeks ago i bought the RGB Strafe mx silent. I discovered that my thumbs would get itchy and irritated from the patterned spacebar. On this forum i asked for a smooth spacebar. The moderator told me to open a ticket. Which i did, unfortunately it does not feel like i am really being helped.


The only thing i am asking is a smooth spacebar, I'd say that is not too much asked. At first I waited a few days for a ticket reply, they asked for a receipt which i gave them, next thing they said was to contact the seller. The seller also couldn't provide me a smooth spacebar. So i contact you again, as requested. It then took four days to tell me you only sell US KEY CAPS, so it probably wouldn't fit. Do you guys realize that I am asking for a space bar? With all my respect, how hard is it to provide me one? even if i am willing to pay. Included is a screenshot from the ticket correspondence. I am very happy with my keyboard and it is the best i have ever had. Please make me happy with the company behind it also.


Kind regards, Frank



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