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So I bought a H60


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No complaints or anything. Just worried.


I bought a Node 804 case to build my homeserver into. Along with this I also bought a new SSD, another WD Red drive aaand a H60 cooler.


Now, I already run Hyper 212 air coolers in all my rigs from gaming machines to servers, just because they've proven themselves to me over and over, once I replace the crap fan with a noctua.


I work in an IT repair service shop where we the other day got a gaming rig in to fix it. This rig had the H60 cooler that I disassembled to put fresh (and proper) thermal paste on. Once all put together, I kinda fell into liking the cooler. I really liked how flat it is and little space it takes compared to a big air cooler (and the 212 isn't even THAT big). It was also dead quiet, and good temps. I was impressed by the whole cooler. I have always used air coolers, never even touched a liquid unit during my 15 year computing experience (I don't go much to LANs etc. due to social anxiety) I've only read and studied them, and aware that it probably won't beat my 212 cooler, I just like how it doesn't take any space above the MB and around the CPU.


So, now I have the cooler already standing here on my desk. But I'm running into posts that claim EXPLODED pump housings, heavy leakages, and similar horror stories while googling more reviews. I focus mainly on posts from '14 and newer, as they are likely second generation based.


I'm actually pondering returning it in fright for possible leakage. Also, will it evaporate over time? At all? Cause I won't even know, since it's a closed loop.


Am I wasting time on being concerned about it causing damage and being risky?



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Leakage is not common. If you have purchased this unit, Corsair provides some coverage to any damage caused to other components through the warranty. It's not a blanket guarantee and there is an element of the population who see the "exploding cooler" as a means to upgrade all their gear. The H60 has been around a while and any inherent defects in the design or materials would be quite evident by now. It is not one of those coolers that constantly shows up with problems.


All of these AIO coolers are billed as "low evaporation", so at some level there must be a tiny amount that escapes or is wasted in some other manner. However, the result would be an increase in 'gurgling' noise and you would need to loose a substantial amount to be compromised. I have yet to see someone show up and claim "my radiator is half empty now". Occasionally, someone will get one from the factory that is not adequately filled, but you would know that right away and it would evident when you take the cooler out of the box and it sloshes around like a half empty bottle of water.


If you are looking for a criticism, it falls on the pump on most AIO units. This is the more probable component to fail, but it is more nuisance than threat. It is the one component an air tower does not have, as mechanical device it does make some noise, and requires a power source. The benefits you've already noted above and I agree it likely will not provide a peak CPU temp reduction, although it might be interesting to note average CPU core temps over representative tasks. Even a small cooler like a H60 has a better capacity to hold heat in one moment without affecting core temperatures compared to any air tower.


So should you worry about leaks? Probably not. Most people who come from air towers and go back are hateful of the change in acoustics. Most air towers are rather quiet or at higher speeds sound like any household fan or appliance. The water system radiator is usually denser than a large air tower block and the noise across it is different. The interpretation of this is very user specific as well as case dependent. You can put one in a big vault case under your desk and never hear a peep. The same cooler could drive you nuts on the desktop in a $60 plexi-box of a case, 24 inches from your ear. You'll have to make some decisions or adjustments based on your needs.

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