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asetek or coolit?


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Really quite simple: In the market for a new aio szxince my old h100 has finally died. I will be looking at 280mm models.


The Asetek units afaik have some problems with Link, is this already fixed?


also, which pump is qiueter and more reliable?


(the fans will obviously be changed, im a big fan of silence and know a good air cooler is more silent, i just dont want a big tower (or custom loop) in my pc.)


Thanks in advance

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the h100 i had was one of the first units, where the pump sometimes rattles, this was fixed with a firm tap on the unit.


Also these earlier units the fan controller died really fast, I didnt use it for more then 2 weeks (the controller) then just put it on my mobo.


The unit didnt really die, it is still functioning as described above and has done so for about 6 years without problems. This is another vote for coolit for me (the h100 original is coolit right?)


I got a new kaby lake build and a new crystal case so I figured it was about time for a new AIO aswell.


Initially I disregarded any completely closed AIO and was looking at systems with fittings, but still aio (FD kelvin biggest contender) but the 2 years warranty puts me off, and apparantly there is still problems with the units, however they do seem of better quality (alphacool OEM). The other fitting AIOs (rajintek, lepa, deepcool, ek, swiftech) i read nothing but leaking problems so am steering far away from those. the FD Kelvin is still a contender atm tho.


back to corsair units:

I was also quite sure the coolit unit would be better, but i thought lets double check, since there is now asetek gen5 pumps, and alot of other brands seem to be going with asetek as OEM, and only Corsair seems to be sticking with some coolit units. ( i thought maybe the asetek improved by now )


Since corsair RMA and support is one of the best, my biggest worry is pump noise (apparantly the FD kelvin alphacool pumps are quite harsh sounding even undervolted)... is there any difference in nosie between asetek/coolit?

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