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Corsair H80 Cooler Stuck to CPU


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Hey Guys/Gals,


A long time ago I got a replacement H80 through an RMA process and have been using the replacement for a long time now, meaning it is well outside the warranty (I assume). Recently the cooler has broken and I have bought a new option to replace it however, upon attempting to remove it in preparation for the arrival of the new cooler, I am unable to remove the H80.


I have removed all four screws that attach the cooler onto the bracket and yet the cooler does not budge a single milimeter, almost like cemented to my CPU. I have read that this may be down to the cooling paste, which is pre applied onto the H80 from Corsair. All other parts of the product (fans, heatsink) are very easy to remove but, despite my physical effort to remove it, I am unable to remove the H80 main block. I have tried, as suggested by a google link, heating the heatsink/CPU up and then twisting on the cooler but this simply has not worked and any more pressure/strength onto it is going into the realms of absurd. Because of this, I am currently down a motherboard, CPU and ultimitely PC.


Thanks in advance for help,


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