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I don't really know where to but this thread, but it has to do with the website itself. I created a return for my broken m65, a beast of a mouse btw, but I'm not allowed to check the status or comments of the ticket. I can write and change the description, but whenever I press the name of it, which would normally view the status and comments on it, it instead goes to a website called sales force. It says "Your Salesforce edition or user license isn't supported yet." It has a blue background and has a link to go to the official home page or Salesforce. It should be noted that this only happens on mobile devices, like my android phone and iPad. I can access the comments normally on my computer, but it's a nuisance to do so when I'm at school.
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To be clear - clicking on the request full page is different from requesting the desktop site.


It's a known issue that the ticket system isn't mobile friendly. It's being worked on.


So what are we suppose to do us who do not have a working pc ?

I myself need help with my RM750i and H100i and sense thies are the ones i need support with i can not use pc webbrowser.

( I have done a forum thread thou that thread got moved to a totaly wrong section ! it is a RM750i/H100i issue not only RM750i only issue and now it is in the power supply section)


OBS: the thread needs to be in bouth power supply and cpu section(if you even have one that is)

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