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Dual Channel, help.


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Whether something is dual, tri, or quad-channel is determined by motherboard/chipset, not by the number of modules installed. A Z170 board with all four slots filled is still a "dual channel board". In simple terms, you can think of the number of channels like the number of lanes on a highway. It in part determines maximum memory bandwidth.


However, in your case adding in another module of the same frequency and even the exact same brand and part number may not yield stable results. The new module may not have been manufactured from the same batch of semi-conductor material as your original and this is in part why it is not guaranteed to work. If you really want to upgrade to 2x8GB, you should look at a new kit of 2x8GB. While it may seem horrible you cannot add to your system in this fashion, memory instability is a major headache, even for advanced users.

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