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Void Wireless USB crackling static sounds still unresolved?


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This is a common theme on the forum and I observed the following:


1. It doesnt happen on youtube (cause it is playing only stereo on youtube)

2. It means it only happens when surround is activated

3. It happens when I use Groove on Windows 10

4. If I play music and skip to some part of the song I can hear the crackling sounds but If I play the music without skipping, the sound will be clear, pretty strange isnt it? Can you look into the compatiblity issue with Groove?

5. It only happens in some songs (no its not the quality issue), depends on the tune I guess


Btw is there a way so youtube can play in surround too ?

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I do not get any crackling issue. I am on Windows 10. I have no idea what groove is and do not want to know. For everything I do it works fine.. YouTube, local videos/music, games.


Groove is the basic music player from Microsoft


Which music player are you using ?

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