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Can I run 4 X 512 XL sticks and get PC3200 on a Gigabyte 939


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Hi there,


I had some extra hyper X memory lying around which i decided to put in my GA-K8NSNXP along with my 2 512MB Corsair XLL sticks....the thing of it that with 4 sticks of 512MB 2 corsair, 2 hyper X, the system runs at PC2700 instead of PC3200 as all 4 sticks are PC3200.....?


So Question is if i get 4 matching 512MB corsiar XLL sticks will they run at PC3200....


or anything more than i 1GB is gonna run under 400MHz


Thanks in advance for your reply



AMD Athlon 64 FX-55

Ga-K8NSNXP 939 Nforce 3 Mobo

1 GB Corsair 1024XL (2.5-3-3-6)

E-Vga 6800 GT

Ultra X-Connect 500 Watt PSU

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal compound

Lite on 52X CD-RW


ThermalTake Xaser III case

2 40 Gig Western Digital Raptors in Raid - 0

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Please double check with the MB manufacturer if their board are able to support 4 modules of double sided memory modules, if all 4 slots are populated, and if it can support then having 4 sticks of the XL modules shouldn't be a problem running on your MB.
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