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RM750 fan always spinning.

Brin Milo

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Hi all.


I have built a custom pc with the aim of it being very quiet

To that end I bought the Corsair RM750 PSU, beacause of it's feature to not use the fan before it reaches 40% usage.


My problem is that no matter what I plug into my PSU the fan starts spinning at (what I assume is) 100% immediately and never stops.


I've tried taking out everything and plugging things in one at a time, to minimize the load, but even with just the mobo connected it spins constantly.


It's so loud that it makes more noise than the rest of the other 10 fans combined and I can hear it through my headset.


Powerwise it functions perfectly. Very reliable, never had a random shutdown or anything. The noise is just driving me up the wall.


I've been through my BIOS, I've tried C-Link, I've been through Asus AI suite, but I can't find anything that allows me to control the fan in my PSU.


Do any of you guys have a thought on either, what the cause might be or how it could be fixed. Maybe I've just ovverlooked something.


Thanks in advance for any replioes that might come.


- Brin

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For CL4 to report that you need a http://www.corsair.com/en/corsair-link-analog-to-digital-bridge-cable-for-rm-series-psu, but that will only enable the fan speed and +12 volt current to be reported. I tried to find a manual, but there does not seem to be one andt I am wondering if there is a switch to enable/disable zero RPM mode, can you see one?


For CL4 to control the fan it would need to be a RM750i.


How many watts does your system take and how hot is the PSU?


It might provide some insight if you added your PC specs to your profile.

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I've added my specs as best I could atm, not near the pc in question at the moment.


What bugs me is that my system should be idling way below 300watts.

Even with just the motherboard, nothing else, the psu still crank the fan to max speed an there's no way on earth that the mobo is taking up 300watts by it self.


Hell, even the gtx1070 only sits at about 150watts

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