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Compatibility with XMS3202v1.1 and XMS3202v4.1?


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Ive been using a Corsair Pro CMX512-3200C2Pro stick since my computer has been built and just now I have purchased 2 more sticks to support my 3 available slots. Both new sticks are the exact same model, except instead of XMS3203v1.1 that my old was, they are now XMS3202v4.1


When I place all three sticks into my computer, it just beeps on startup. Ive checked to make sure they're all in secure but my computer still doesnt load up. Although when the 2 new sticks are in seperately apart from the old, it loads up fine.


Is there some sort of compatibility problem with the new and old ones? Do I have to buy ANOTHER 3rd stick to match the 2 new ones? They're all the same ram size, all the same make and model, just the v. is marked different. I have MSI motherboard, fairly new model, but unsure of it's exact #. Any help would be much appreciated.

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