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Ideas on a case to set my first build in


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I literally just signed up. My shoes are squeaking as I yog onto Corsairs fun court. :headbang: and nano seconds ago committed my own sin by using what is probably the most overused emoticon on my first post. :wtfeh: <<< second?

I'm likely in the minority of users who read forum rules, yet one might be surprised at how some e-commerce forum sites require a taut goose step. For instance this site requires you not mention competitors. Good or Ill.


I'm curious as to how you're dealt with. Maybe I'm way off base and people do it in spite of the rules. I can be pretty thick. I'm spec'n out my first rig and I've got questions about my build. The only thing I'm planning to buy is a corsair case in which I have to buy 3 more corsair fans. So many questions. Hopefully I'm wrong, cause I bet there are some brilliant people on this forum.


Isn't there messaging on here too? Send me a note to let me know what happens? Curious AF:whip:

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