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2 Value Select VS256-MB400 in dual channel


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I bought last month one Value Select 256M DDR-RAM module (VS256-MB400) and installed it on my new motherboard Asus P5GD1-VM. It works. I would like now to have more memory and working in dual channel. Do you think that buying the same VS256-MB400 memory module will work ? I mean it may be that this new one will have different chips(Infineon,...) and different performance, so nothing good in order to make it work well together, and fast.

Will 2 VS256-MB400 work together ? Maybe, maybe not, surely not ?

Will these work in dual channel ?


I will try to know which chips are on this module with aida32 or equivalent if needed.


Thank you in advance for the help.

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I have (on two occasions) tried using 2 sticks of the same Value Select 256MB ram (VS256-MB400), on two different motherboards, and have experienced random restarting of the pc. If you are successful with two sticks, please let me know. On the motherboards I experienced difficulties with, one stick worked fine.


good luck,


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