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Corsiar Strafe RGB MOde Switching issue


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Recently I purchased an Corsiar Strafe RGB keyboard. However, I have came upon a really large problem for me: there is no mode/profile switching button. Although I am confident that the CUE 1 is able to program it, i have very little experience with coding, and I would not know how to solve my problem. I am looking for somebody who is able to either tell me how to program the INSERT key into a key that is able to switch through the various lighting effects that are in the CUE, but I want to be able to switch this by just pressing a button. Also, I was wondering if I am able to program the keyboard to switch profiles depending on the game/app that I enter. For example, if i open up CSGO, i want the keyboard to switch to mode 2 instead of the default. Plz help soon. Thanks!
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